An Epic Engagement

This was by far, the most fun we have ever had on an engagement shoot. Obviously, this was something we had never attempted before, but after going through possible ideas and themes for Emily and Chris's engagement session, the LARP idea came up as this was an interest of theirs. If you can't tell, Emily had to save her love from ruffians. She battled two guys to save him, if that's not love I don't know what is! We did a little revival after the first battle to give Chris a chance to show off his lighting bolt powers, which is also one (of many) of our favorite images from this session. 

It was awesome to see the amount of detail put into each of their outfits, which they took time to put together and made the whole thing feel more authentic. And a HUGE thank you to their friends for coming out and being the bad guys! It wouldn't have worked with out you guys! :) 

Congratulations Emily & Chris on your engagement - We are looking forward to your upcoming wedding in October!