Logo Inspiration


Meet Kyla. It's actually Kyla Ren. We adopted her shortly after the new Star Wars: Force Awakens movie came out and our kids were obsessed with all things Star Wars. I was against getting a dog as we have four kids and I just didn't feel like we were ready to take on such a responsibility. Tony eventually talked me into going to see her and I think he knew I wouldn't say no if I actually saw her in person...and obviously he was right. I'm a huge softy when it comes to animals. Before Tony and I met, I would always bring home animals (cats, rabbits). I'm not so welcoming to new pets now, as we have a lot going on and I'm a little less impulsive in my older age. But, none the less, I melted into a thousand pieces with Kyla, then named Bambi, ran into the room and jumped on my lap. 

We don't know a whole lot about her history. We do know that she came from a breeder in Hungary, which is actually where a majority of my mother's side of the family are from (Tony said it was a sign...lol). We also believe she was the runt of the liter due to her size. She is very small for a Frenchie, but that is also kind of perfect for us as we don't have a lot of space in our home for a larger dog. 

Our youngest daughter was terrified of Kyla when we first brought her home. It last all of about a day though as they are now inseparable, they even take naps together. The kids love her to pieces and actually take turns taking care of her (which shocks me as they are typical kids...they are lazy haha). She is definitely very spoiled and knows it. 

Shortly after we added Kyla to our family, Tony and I were in the processes of redesigning our logo. We weren't sure about was designs we wanted, and we needed something to stand out from the crowd of other photographers in our area. Something that would be easy to spot, quick to remember and make people want to know more. Tony came up with the idea of using Kyla so we contacted a artist on Etsy and we have the logo you see now! We definitely love it, not just because it's our dog, but it's different and when I see it, it reminds me of our family and all the hard work we put into our business and brand.

Here's a little look into Kyla's life! It's a lot of cuddles and sleeping on the couch...